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4 Pillar To Self-Care

February 16, 2021

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I am screaming at my kids again.  I lost my patience, and I sulk in embarrassment as I apologize for my outburst.   Quarantine has got me losing my mind much more than usual.   It is NOW, more than ever, that we all need some TLC.   We all need self-care.  How can we give TO OUR CHILDREN if our tank is running on empty?   We cannot.  

Dr. Olena Kerek speaks with me this week about the 4 Pillars to Self-Care.   These 4 Pillars of Nutrition, Sleep, Exercise, and Mindfulness must all be met if we want to be our best selves and a good parent.  If we are eating well, exercising, feeling mentally sound, but do not sleep…. we can NOT perform our best.  This is also true if any of the other three pillars are falling short.  WE MUST strive to fulfill all four needs! 

Watch this week as Dr. Kerek gives The Impactful Parent community tips for being a better parent by meeting the four pillars to Self-Care! 

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